site-specific video installation
video, 11 min (loop), 2-channel rear projection
b/w, no sound
Gasthof Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf

“Worringer Platz is a junction which is circled by transit traffic, sectioned by three different tram tracks, and flanked by a taxi rank and multiple bus stops. The choreography of the movements of the pedestrians, cars, buses and trams is dictated by their schedules and the circuit layout. These regulate the arrivals and the departures and determine which traffic lights turn from green to red and when. The artist Anna Sokolova knows the Worringer Platz. Every time her path brings her here, she becomes – just like all other passerby – a participant in its composition of remote-controlled intermissions, repetitions, and intervals.
In her new video installation, STATION, which was created for the glass Reception of the Gasthof Worringer Platz, Anna Sokolova is using a video element that has been the focus of an entire series of spatial installations. With the help of a white stripe which moves against a black background at regular intervals, Sokolova studies the interaction of architectonic and therefore allegedly static three-dimensional space and moving image. For STATION she transforms a 2×3 meter large window surface of the Reception in a video screen. Projected on it is an image of a white stripe which wanders across the surface in uninterrupted and almost hypnotic pattern, thus adding to the movement patterns of the square an element which relentlessly contradicts its functional regime.” Andrea Knobloch