site-specific video projection
3.8 × 16.4 m
video LINEMENT, 14’16 min (loop), 3 channels
b/w, no sound
3 video projectors, 3 media players, network switch
Kunstraum Düsseldorf
in cooperation with Oleg Yushko

“… ORNAMENT consists of three synchronized video projections LINEMENT occupying the majority of the exposition space. As LINEMENT the artist indicates the visual ‘leitmotif’ of her video installations of last years – the white stripe on a black background. Three stripes of light moving in space. They disappear and reappear, change theirs position and trajectory and thereby create an impression of dematerialization of space.”
Liudmila Voropai. From the text “Kunstraum des Erhabenen. Now!”

KUNSTRAUM. solo exhibition