site-specific video installation
7 × 0.6 × 0.5 m
video LINEMENT, 14’16 min (loop), 2 channels
b/w, no sound
14 monitors, 2 midi-players, metal construction
Kunsthalle Dominican Church, Osnabrück
in cooperation with Oleg Yushko

“In her video sculpture ORNAMENT, Anna Sokolova refers to the “Dominican Church” exhibition space. Her video column, consisting of 14 monitors with linear patterns that absorb the rhythm and upward trend of the church’s architecture, and congenially transform them into motion, is located in the former chancel of the Kunsthalle. In the empire of Ancient Egypt, obelisks were erected to portray the sun’s rays which, in turn, symbolized the connection between the sun-god Re and the terrestrial ruler. By placing the light-emitting sculpture in the chancel of the former church, the artist takes up this reference. At the same time, the playfulness of the bar-like structure of her images also alludes to the momentum and to the potential shifts in direction of processes between above and below, between the physical and the metaphysical sphere.” Herman Nöring, from the catalogue “European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck 2010”