site-specific video installation
ca. 0.7 × 9 × 20 m
video LINEMENT, 12’52 min (loop), 2 channels
b/w, no sound
14 monitors, 2 DVD players, mirrors
KIT (Kunst im Tunnel), Düsseldorf
in cooperation with Oleg Yushko

ORNAMENT consists of 14 video monitors erected at the end of a long narrowing tunnel. Each of monitors is showing a continuously moving straight line. ORNAMENT created through the repetition of this line on the individual monitors is extended into infinity via its reflection in the mirrors located on lateral walls of the tunnel. The element which creates the constantly changing ORNAMENT is a tangent to the imaginary circle described around the center of the monitor. Starting the movement from a point on a circle, the line diametrically moves through its center. With each new motion cycle the line changes its position, turning 1.8 degrees, and gradually describes a full circle, moving through the monitor in other direction. Appearing on 14 monitors and in their infinite reflections, these elements form a wavy, pulsing line which briefly appears as a straight horizontal line only to break into individual segments once more. The pulsing horizon of ORNAMENT is forcing the space behind it to pulsate as well simultaneously dematerializing the space in front of it.