video, 14’16 min (loop)
b/w, no sound
in cooperation with Oleg Yushko

LINEMENT is a basic element in a series of site-specific installations with a common title ORNAMENT. In this series I define a space, by embedding in it one and the same video element – a luminous white line which passes through the image plane in a given rhythm. Depending on architectural space the number of monitors displaying this element can vary from one to fourteen or more. The element, which creates a constantly changing ORNAMENT, is a tangent to the imaginary circle described around the center of the monitor. Starting the movement from a point on this circle, the line moves through its center. With each new motion cycle the line changes its position, turning 1.8 degrees, and gradually describes a full circle. Due to this consecutive change of the movement trajectory, the outline of the ORNAMENT on the screen is constantly changing. Thus the image of the ORNAMENT is being constructed not only in space and time, but also in the viewer’s perception. The ORNAMENT installations do not decorate the architectural environment but transform it.