36.5 × 383 × 2.5 cm
metal, wood, pigment
Bloom, Düsseldorf

The work is a reconstruction of a real architectural structure.
This is a piece of a fence of 23 black segments, crossed by contrast diagonal crossbars, which visually repeats the frames of the video LINEMENT.
Found in Düsseldorf, this construction has been examined, scaled and replicated.
Like the video LINEMENT, the object FILM. FRAMES 5-15 is a sequence of images that capture the individual phases of line movement.
Similarly as LINEMENT, this object, extended in space, cannot be grasped by the gaze at once, it is perceived in separate segments during movement.
The photo shows only that part of the work that has been exhibited: “FILM. FRAMES 5-15”. The whole work consists of 23 segments: “FILM. FRAMES 1-23”.