site-specific installation
flag 3 × 5 m, fan, video projection 3.7 × 2.2 m
The Minories Galleries, Colchester, England

One of the exhibition/working spaces of The Minories Galleries calls the Drawing Room. This space has a strong character due to the very contrast elements of the roof structure. The clear graphics and rhythm of the wooden beams are marking the rise of the roof and repeating this going up. The appearance of this space and its title provoke to fill its interior with a moving line.
The line is placed on the flag. It calls Black-White-Black and it is a physical representation of Linement. Obsession with this element, which is used in the number of site-specific installations, led to desire to bring this dynamic structure to the symbol. Flag is a symbol, but also an object, a complex phenomenon which is alive while it moves.
Placing the flag with a line in the DRAWING ROOM is an adding one more line, but the moving one, that interacts with the already formed structure and contrasts it. It is a constant making – continuation of a drawing, ongoing process of (de-) formation of space.
The drawing room also assumes drawing the room itself – that is, repeating the whole situation in another media. Simultaneous display of real and virtual rooms is another carryover of an already transformed video element from media to media, from one reality to another.