multimedia installation
flag 3 × 5 m, wind machine Ø 120 cm controlled by frequency converter and Arduino, surveillance camera, monitor
Bloom, Düsseldorf

A flying BLACK-WHITE-BLACK flag fills the space that can be viewed through a large showcase window.
The surveillance camera directed at the flag transmits the image to the monitor installed in the window.
On the monitor there is a close-up motion of white stripe on the black background.
Like by the video LINEMENT, where the movement of the white stripe conditioned by programming, in BLOWN-UP the fan rotation is programmed, which constant change in wind force affects the movement of the flag.
A glazed space with a flying flag and its video duplicate itself becomes a screen showing the process of image creation: the movement of the white stripe on a black background.
Transforming video elements into real objects and then returning them to video reality is what interests me and what I keep working with.